Episode 18!!!

Segment 3: (“5 Minutes of Fame” performing artistWeekenders! Featuring their song “Lo-Fi“ and “Crash Into Me” byDave Matthews Band)

Episode 18!!!

Segment 2: (“The Shiny and New” Your fill of the latest Music and Movie News, Featuring “The Space Between” by the Dave Matthews Band)

Segment 1: (Segments include “The Daily Dumbass” and “Celebrity Crap” Featuring “American Baby” by Dave Matthews Band)

ZuKow and Johnny Scott Connell from "Little Johnny Trailer Trash" You can catch him on Episode 14 ofFrom The Zoo

You heard Simplified on Episode 11 in our “5 Minutes of Fame” segment, and they just released their new music video for their single, “Screaming at the Ceiling.” Make sure to check the video out, comment, and share!

From The Zoo - 5 Minutes of Fame

ZuKow met with Chris Sheridan (lead guitar) and

Clee Laster (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar) of Simplified,

to discuss their music and feature their new single,
“Screaming at The Ceiling”

You can follow them on TwitterFacebook, or on the official website for Simplified!

ZuKow with Chris Sheridan and Clee Laster from Simplified.

From The Zoo - Segment 2

Segment 2: (“Stuff To Piss You Off” NC Amendment 1, Please know what you are voting on! and “Celebrity Crap” Featuring “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers)

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